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Survivor Thai Plus+ 7-Day Course

No previous Thai language knowledge is required

     This intensive course will teach you basic everyday Thai conversation. Learn, practice, and get ready for your upcoming visit to Thailand! Materials for self-study are provided.
Learn keywords and various sentence structures, such as:
·      Travel Vocabulary
·      Basic sentence structures
·      Colloquial expression well as learning the basics of Thai culture and etiquette.

Topics covered in the course:
1.    Greeting / Thanks/ Apologies          
2.    Numbers and times
3.    Asking for directions                                
4.    Hotel bookings and requests                         
5.    At a Thai restaurant                          
6.    Shopping                      
7.    Attractions in Thailand
8.    Oral tests and quizzes    

Special Offers:
·      Free downloadable PDF + recordings
·      Consulting service  / direct message
It’s like having a Thai traveling companion! It can be difficult to get direct feedback on how to say things while you’re traveling, but graduates of this intensive course receive the additional benefit that they can contact their instructor with additional questions throughout their time in Thailand.  All feedback will be issued as promptly as possible in order to enable continuous enjoyable learning throughout your trip.

•    No previous Thai language knowledge is required.
•    As this course is intensive in nature, you will be given some self-study materials and homework to complete.  
** This course is suitable for new learners/beginners who plan to visit Thailand or those who want to practice basic Thai intensively.

·      One on One lesson -    20 USD / hour / person

·      Group lesson -              14USD / hour / person (2-4 persons)

Ps. You may select/skip lessons as you wish.


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