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Basic Thai Language for Beginners

     In this course, we are going to study the basic Thai language focusing on basic commutation skills. I will make sure that you can use everyday expressions and basic phrases in Thai. Also, I will teach topics that interest you. Importantly, I will explain Thai culture and traditions and the importance of cultural awareness in the lessons and let students practice pronouncing Thai words, making sentences, and having conversations.

     Course outlines and topics will be sent to you via email / Skype before starting our lessons. In addition, I will also suggest articles and learning tools to further improve your language skills

Course Objectives

        In this course, the students are expected to be able to:
- understand and use familiar everyday expressions and basic phrases.
- ask and answer questions about personal details
- understand sentences and frequently used expressions
(e.g. self-introduction, employment, routine matters, family information, shopping, traveling).

My Teaching Material

- Text Documents

- Images and Visuals

- Video

- News Articles and Magazines

- Quizzes


·      One on One lesson -   18 USD (600THB) / hour / person 

·      Group lesson - 12 USD (400THB) / hour / person (2-4 persons)

Special Offers:

·      Free downloadable PDF + recordings

·      Consulting service  / direct message

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