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Speak Like a Thai

Conversation Practice

A fun and interactive course!


     In this course, we will concentrate on what's relevant to your life to improve your pronunciation and listening skills. I will make sure to provide online resources to spark stimulating conversation! Optional focus on Thai for the workplace: We can focus on whatever you need such as general business, customer service, interview skills, meetings, or just general conversation on any topics you like.

     Course outlines and topics will be sent to you via email / Skype before starting our


     Homework: Provide activities to reinforce what you have learned and practice in order to achieve your goals.


My Teaching Material

- Text Documents

- Images and Visuals

- Video

- News Articles and Magazines

- Quizzes


·      One on One lesson -   18 USD (600THB) / hour / person 

·      Group lesson - 12 USD (400THB) / hour / person (2-4 persons)

Special Offers:

·      Free downloadable PDF + recordings

·      Consulting service  / direct message

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