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New Course

Learn Thai & Walking Tour in Bangkok

Cultural experience offerings in Bangkok
Larn useful Thai words and phrases and experience speaking Thai in real-life scenarios through interaction with locals.

หลังจากที่โพสต์เผยแพร่แล้ว คุณจะเห็นข้อมูลที่นี่
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Within 24 hours, your request will be accepted. 

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Girl Using Laptop

Basic Thai Language for Beginners

Study basic Thai language focusing on communication skills

Students with iPad

Speak like a Thai

Conversation Practice

A fun and interactive course!

Reading with Coffee

Reading and Writing in Thai

An easy learning path to gradually build up Thai reading and writing skills.

Image by Miltiadis Fragkidis

Survivor Thai Plus+  7-Day Course

Learn, practice, and get ready

Learn, practice, and get ready for your upcoming visit to Thailand! Learn, practice, and get ready for your upcoming visit to Thailand! Materials for self-study are provided.

Why learn Thai with Bowie?

Sawatdii kha :D 

    Many of you may have different purposes in learning Thai whether it is traveling, building a good relationship with Thai people, working in Thailand or simply enjoying the Thai language journey.

    Thai is a beautiful tonal language that is mainly spoken by Thai people. However, many learners have found that the Thai language is difficult to comprehend.

    As a teacher and a language learner, I strongly believe that when you enjoy learning a language, your skills improve quickly. These days, with the benefit of online video, you can easily study Thai anywhere and anytime.


 I have received a certificate of teaching Thai to foreigners from Mahidol University, Thailand. I have been teaching Thai online for almost two years and have taught more than 1,500 lessons with students from various countries. 

     I have created three Thai online courses - Basic Thai Language for Beginners; Speak like a Thai; and Reading and Writing in Thai.

    However, depending on a student's individual needs I can customize a Thai language course.

For example, you might be particularly interested in politics or want to study vocabulary for a certain industry.


    I would delighted to accompany you on your Thai learning journey and to help you learn to speak Thai confidently and with cultural awareness. 

Looking forward to talking with you.


Khobkhun kha

Bowie Supaporn

  • Native speaker

  • University educated

  • Qualified teacher

  • Experience teaching    in universities and schools in Thailand


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Thai Online with Bowie

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Hi there! My name is Bowie Srisuwan and I teach Thai on. I'm looking forward to talking to you about your language learning goals. Schedule a lesson with me today! Book a lesson here!

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“ขอบคุณมากค่ะ วันนี้เรียนลักษณะนามสำคัญ

 Thanks for being patient with me and helping me practice listening, speaking, and reading Thai!

I always enjoy lessons with you, and I'm glad that you give me homework to practice every week (videos, sentences to write, new phrases to learn, etc). you.” 

Reading and Writing in Thai

- Elizabeth Hanks,  United States


Over the phone or online

Ratchaburi, Thailand

If you have any questions,

drop them here :D 

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