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Flower Market Bangkok
Learn Thai and Walking Tour
Temples in Bangkok
Thai Temples

Learn Thai and Walking Tour in Bangkok

Cultural experience offerings in Bangkok

     A three-hour tour experience wherein you will learn useful Thai words and phrases and experience speaking Thai in real-life scenarios through interaction with locals.

-    Practice speaking Thai in real-life situations. 
-    Taste the local exotic street food in the popular 
-    Learn Thai culture through fun activities. 


How it works

Part I    Online Lesson

  1. Preparation lesson: a 30-minute online lesson (wherein you will learn basic Thai vocabulary/phrases and discuss the upcoming field trip)


Part II     Field Trip  Three-hour Tour  (walking and taking public transportation) tour (about 3 hrs)

  1. Gather at the pre-arranged meeting point; receive free learning materials on the excursion day. 


Part III     After the Trip 

  1. Receive/use self-learning QR. After the field trip, scan the provided QR code to receive free audio of learning materials.

Three Packages Offered

Package 1: Foodie Walking Tour - Michelin Food & Street Food in Bangkok 

(Pick 3 restaurants)

  • Bangkok's top-rated restaurants and hidden culinary gems, including famous street food. (Email us for more information about the recommended restaurants)

Package 2: Cultural Experience: Pak Klong Talat Flower Market

  • Learn how to fold a lotus (to use as an offering at a temple later) 

  • Go to a local temple


Package 3: Shopping like a local (Pick one location)

  • Wang Lang Market Wang Lang Market: A True Thai street market

  • China Town:  Savor tasty treats and uncover hidden gems in Yao Warat

  • Train Market Srinakarin: Try delicious street food and learn about handmade Products

Ps. After booking the lesson, the pre-arranged meeting point information will be sent to you.

Availability: Monday – Sunday

Travel Mode: BTS Skytrain,Local Boat, Walking

Duration: 3 hrs

Group Size: 1 - 4 people

•    No pr
evious Thai language knowledge is required.

Recommended Packages: 2,800 THB per package of 3 hours


  • Transportation costs for yourself; the teacher's transportation is covered separately.

  • For Package 2: Cultural Experience, the cost of lotus flowers (approximately 30 THB at the market).

  • For Package 1: Foodie Walking Tour, the cost of food for yourself; the teacher's food is covered separately.

For Customized Walking Tours:
The price is 1,200 THB per hour.

Cancellation Policy
•    Notice of cancellation must be sent by email with at least 24hours head-notice.



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